London Fashion Week – Beyond Skin S/S ’10

One thing that I noticed at the LFW exhibition was that.. in the sea of snooty people, there were also very nice and friendly people who actually are interested to speak to you about their products and ask your name. A lot of these nice people were from brands promoting green/sustainable fashion!

Anyway, Beyond Skin is an ethical footwear label based in Brighton, UK and they make.. what they call ‘vegan shoes’.

It sounds really strange and something I’d be ignorant about at first but the shoes they had on display were really not bad at all considering that nothing was made out of animal skin – recycled materials and eco-friendly fabric are used instead.


The new season introduces an exclusive range of luxury evening wear in addition to contemporary day wear. There will also be an exclusive vintage fabric range at the new Anthropologie opening on Regent Street next month (can’t wait – can you!).


To be honest the designs are more on the basic/plain side but that’s still pretty impressive for having a ‘limited’ range of materials to use. I suppose their target market is eco-conscious women who wear shoes rather than teenagers who browse tFS and fashion blogs all day.
Anyhow, I like the use of bold colours – I’m a big fan of colour, if you can’t already tell.

Photobucket Photobucket

This looks and feels just like real leather – but it’s not!

The only setback is that the shoes are quite expensive – definitely not your typical high-street brand pricing. You can shop the current collection here though – it’s on sale!
Some quick facts from their press release that I found interesting:

– Our satins are made from polyester not viscose. Viscose has a far greater impact on the environment as it’s processed with huge amounts of acid chemicals.

– An estimated 225 environmentally damaging and toxis chemicals are used in leather production. These chemicals have been linked to various cancers, asthma, and numerous other diseases



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oh my gos.,.,je adore the shoes then ever <333333
now i’v 20 shoes collections :))
from the heels, sneaker ,wedges,flat shoes and many more,.

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