London Fashion Week – Beautiful Soul S/S ’10

Just want to quickly share with you some photos of the Beautiful Soul exhibit
Beautiful Soul is an eco luxury womenswear label that’s only barely a year old and is the creation of LCF graduate Nicola Woods. They showed as part of Esthetica at LFW this season.

In this collection I love the oriental prints and how they’ve taken influence from the Japanese kimono structure and given it a modern, very wearable look. In fact I think some pieces are actually constructed from vintage kimonos and even saris.


Photobucket Photobucket

The grey piece in the middle is the Rei Coat and is selling for £245
Too much for me unfortunately


Especially love this! It’s like a mix of so many things I don’t even know what I’d call it..

The Beautiful Soul shop can be found here

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Tessa |

Browsing through your archives… I love your London Fashion Week posts! I’ve flitted through New York Fashion Week here and there and from my limited vantage point, London is so much more creative & quirky. These jackets from Beautiful Soul are incredible and SO my style what with their prints and unusual shapes. Thanks for sharing!


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