Introducing My Beanie and Panda

pandals2.jpgSince I’ve inundated you with mostly travel-related posts of late.. here are some photos of something I wore over the Easter weekend, after returning from a week of snowboarding in Andorra. The beanie/hat that I have on is a little present I bought in town of Arinsal before I left, having been inspired by all the extremely colourful dressing that my eyes were treated to on the slopes.As with the rest of London, I’m really UNpleased with the April weather. I can’t take it. It’s just so wrong. SO COLD and so WRONG. But the upside is that I get to wear my new beanie.

Beanie – North Face
Pink jumper – River Island
Skirt – from Malaysia
Wool tights – H&M Kids
Boots – Urban Outfitters

PS – I’m not that crazy; I’m wearing two layers of UNIQLO HeatTech under that jumper!
pandafix1.jpg pandafix5.jpg

The panda is one of many toys in my collection. Sometimes (most times) I like to bring one or two with me when I go out. If you follow me on Instagram (@smallcrazy), you’ll already know this 😉

At the present time, Panda has no name. It hasn’t come to mind yet!


I do miss sharing pics of my personal style (a.k.a. self-indulgent, narcissistic pics.. haha). When it gets warmer, I’ll make sure to try to do more!

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I’m good!! How are you? You’re looking awesome as usual! And hey we have to meet in London before I leave England at the end of May!! 🙂


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