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A couple of months ago I decided to make use of the white table top in my living room and start to get all arty with some of my photos. This is because I saw some other cool people doing it and I wanted to be cool, too. Hey at least I’m admitting it. So here’s a little curated selection of some of these snaps off my Instagram account; and I can introduce you to some of my new toys: 🙂

Happy sushi

^I’ve been eating a lot of sushi for breakfast/lunch lately..

Hey Arnold!

^OMG I LOVE Hey Arnold! Please tell me you know him! Top right is a pair of monkey socks given to me over Christmas by a friend in Porto. They’re awesome. Bottom pic is my bed where many-a-night I’m spending way too much time reading Men’s Health or Quora.

Felt toys

^Left: A cow finger puppet and my pink felt pig in Paris (Montmartre to be exact)

Right: My felt elephant on a beach near Porto^

 Happy food

^Left: Gifts from a friend consisting of some of my favourite things – Vegemite included OF COURSE! Oh and peanut butter pouches.. so good.

Right: One of my breakfasts. Chirashi sushi, baby biscuits, fruit, and chocolate!^

Below: My super bling iPhone case! You can get it for $50 from Casemate.

Casemate, Wolf & Moon

^Some fab accessories I got from Wolf & Moon in December. One of my favourite jewellery labels!

Hobby horse

^Left: Disco ball and my little horse – an old birthday gift from 2013

Right: A card I made using pieces of felt and a glue gun. For a friend whose name began with the letter G^

Porto winter sunbathing

^This was me in Porto in DECEMBER! Can you believe it. My pom-pom headpiece is by Rosa Bloom.

Marc Jacobs sunnies

^Food ‘lunch belts’ that I got from Colette Paris – I love that store so much! And my new Marc Jacobs sunglasses, c/o SmartBuyGlasses.

I was hoping to receive them in time before I went off to Portugal and Spain last month but that didn’t happen. So here are some pics of me wearing them as I enjoyed some sunshine.. at home.. in my bikini! This is something I do quite often during the winter actually – whenever the sun’s out. If you can’t do it outside, why not in, right?

My face & purple hair

^That’s a sunspot on my hair! Hair cut & colour by Pimps & Pinups.

More ME

^HAhahaha ok basically I was so high on sunshine and self-love that I thought it would be a fantastic idea to keep taking pictures of myself wearing my cool new sunglasses. Cos I thought I looked pretty damn good in them (and I don’t care if you think not :p).

They fit great! This particular design also comes in BLUE (I know, the blue is SO ME isn’t it!). But seeing as I’ve given away my RayBans to my sister/mom I might get a replacement for those instead.

Ok, that’s enough of me for now.

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