Iceland Day 4 – Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Winter

I’m sure you don’t need much explanation on what the infamous glacier lagoon in Iceland is. We stopped by it as we went along the Ring Road, heading east. It’s basically a pool of iceberg and has been used as the backdrop for some James Bond movie (amongst others) or something – sorry, not at all a Bond fan here.
I’d looked up two tour companies that ran boat trips on the lagoon, but unfortunately at the time when we were there, the icebergs were all too close to each other for any kind of boat to pass through!me on iceberg

blue ice jokulsarlon lagoon

entrance to lagoon
^That’s the visitor info/ticket office building on the right.. isn’t it cute?

lagoon pier
^ I think perhaps this is where the boats would’ve gone from..

from the hill

It was all very quiet.. barely anyone else around. You could HEAR the icebergs sometimes! They clicked as they touched each other.

jokulsarlon panorama

Or.. it could be your idiot friend trying to hurl giant ice blocks into the lagoon:

jason heaving jason heaving 2 jason heaving 3

Or trying to use one as a headpiece

zorro being silly jokulsarlon ice cube

We are all idiots really..

lagoon jump lagoon jump 2

lagoon jump 3
^ I – C – E ???

lagoon jump 4

And then I lost my iPhone…

ice throw

I only realised my phone was missing when we were getting in the car. You know that momentary PANICKY feeling you get when you’ve just realised something’s missing?? I hate that!

I ran back and had to comb the whole shoreline looking for it.. hoping that it’d be there. Trying to find a WHITE iPhone at a glacier lagoon full of.. ice. Great. Eventually, to my BIG relief, I did find it. Lying there all wet and cold.. because us dumbos were too busy playing a game of ‘see who can throw stones onto the icebergs and have one land there without slipping into the water’.

In our defence it was a really fun game. I didn’t realise how BOUNCY ice was. The stones would bounce and skip off the icebergs so enthusiastically. Obviously I had thrown one so vigorously (excited haha) that my phone fell out..

It’s so funny because in the photo above, you can see my phone lying next to me on the ground as I made another throw -_-

ice block inspecting the lagoon

‘Til next post! 😉


Winnie |

You guys are the most fun ever! I love the jumping photos. I’m still amazed that you managed to find your phone after all of that. AMAZING PHOTOS BTW!

Dale Davies |

Ciao! Just stumble on your blog, it looks great and you seem a very interesting person to travel with 🙂

Iceland is one of the place I’d love to go at some point.
Great pictures, they really show how much fun you guys had.
I still cannot believe you managed to find your white phone on the ice, crazy!

Juan Perez |

I adore your blog. Have you ever been to Colombia? (I’m a Brit living there), if you ever fancy it you have a place to stay in Bogota!


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