Happie Loves It & MINT Vintage Clothing

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was still tolerable we went to the annual Tiger Beer Singapore Chilli Crab Festival. Met Rosanne and Karl etc there. Actually I take that back about the weather.. I just remembered that that day was actually one of the warmest I’d experienced all summer. I ALMOST broke a sweat.

This crab thing is held every year somewhere near Brick Lane.
I really enjoyed it last year but this year seemed a bit more crowded than usual. AND was less grass/lawn-space to sit down and enjoy picking at those crabs. The claws are my favourite bits.

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Due to being busy queuing up for food and drinks, and keeping seats, I didn’t get many photos.

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Ditsy print dress I got on eBay for about £8 or so.
Belt Sportsgirl. Bag thrifted. Shoes invisible.

// // //

Spent the rest of the afternoon lolling about Covent Garden.
Karl was on a mission to get some umm ‘tea equipment’ from a cute little tea shop in one of the lanes. He’s apparently a tea enthusiast!

Happie Loves It

Paid a visit to the Happie Loves It store on Drury Lane

They make fun and very wearable clothes with lots of colour and floral prints. The best part is most of their dresses seem to cater for little people which is such a plus point (well…for me) because I hate dresses or skirts that end up longer than I like – which is mostly the case when shopping elsewhere. The only slightly negative point is that a lot of the fabric they use seem to be a bit on the thin side, making it feel kinda cheap. London isn’t really a place for thin cotton dresses – so let’s blame that on the weather as well.

Off the current collection:

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Happie Loves It is avalable at Asos.com
Although, I haven’t seen the pieces above for sale online yet.

MINT Vintage Clothing

Truly an amazing find
Positive: tons of unique items, it’s like a treasure-trove of vintage goodness!
Negative: the prices are a bit of a rip-off e.g. £45 for a vintage tan sling bag :S

The main floor was oozing with dresses,tops, leather jackets, belts, jeans, pants, skirts and ..a row of those tacky denim-vest-sewn-onto-floral-print-longsleeved-shirt things!!! Ha ha.
No pics of that, sorry!

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Just one part of the basement floor
There were tons of shoes and accessories scattered about
Absolutely loved all the handbags and even the big luggage ones (some in very used condition) they had going for an average of £250.

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Retro-style sunnies!

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Wall of hats!

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Shoes lotsa shoes!
I spent over an hour down there just trying on shoes, hats, and holding bags.

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Saw this pair of circle-rimmed shades that I thought were funny..
They’re funny …….right??!

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This was the pair of shoes that I had on in the photo above
For some reason I was just really drawn to this pair
Very comfortable, medium heel, and in good condition
But I wasn’t prepared to pay £40 for them.. hmm..

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Don’t I look lovely..

MINT Vintage Clothing
20 Earlham Street
Covent Garden



Miss Karen |

wow those stores look incredible! I want to go to London just so I could stare at that massive wall of sunnies!

I love your floral dress too, it looks lovely 😀


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