Hampton Court Palace Festival

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A couple of days ago I scored two tickets to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform ‘The Best of Broadway’ as part of the Hampton Court Palace Festival.

The show was meant to start at 9pm so after a WONDERFUL candlelight dinner prepared by Mr Y we took a long bus ride down to Hampton Court.

The weather was cool and the evening sun was out
I wore a light-blue wool blazer that I picked up also from Vintage for Sale
It’s slightly big but so soft and warm.

I also brought along this huge bag that I got recently from Topshop..
It’s a gorgeous bag!
It looks giant on me especially in these photos – let me tell you what was inside!
– bag of cherries – 2 packets of Wotsits – scarf – cardigan – cashmere sweater
– the usual camera, phone, keys, notepad, makeup, sweets, pens etc



Wool blazer vintage
Floral tunic/dress Topshop
Bag Topshop
Tights Platinum
Shoes Topshop

omg I’m a topshop whore.
I also wore a long chain heart necklace but it can’t be seen

grumpy face haha

Hampton Court Palace
What a beautiful place

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The event ushers were so cute in red!

Photobucket Photobucket

The garden at the back was huge and so so beautiful
The atmosphere was so serene and there was a guy playing soothing guitar
You could even hear insects talking
People were sitting around having food and drink and picnics

Before it started

Cameras weren’t allowed during the show which was amazing with all the lights and especially when they did the Grease medley and songs from Mamma Mia!



Wrapped up cos it became so so cold!


Nice and Shiny |

Share away, these photos are awesome!! The night shots just look so magical, and the last one of you is especially adorable ;D

It looked like an amazing event, and a lovely day! The outfit is perfection, obviously. The blazer is perfection on your teeny frame, it looks GREAT!!

Oh yes, and I’m quite releaved to hear that the east end thrift store sale was nothing special. I had my day all planned out to go pop by before work, and then I just ended up sleeping untill 11 am and had no time whatsoever. Glad I didnt miss much, but sad that you didnt find anything good 🙁

Keep in touch, darlin! Text me if you want!: 07979 891289

Kaita |

I love that you post a lot of pictures! Some of the place you’ve been too pretty to NOT post pictures!

You’re right about the guitar being really soothing. Seems like such a dreamy place. c:

Gabbi |

Not excessive at all! I loved it, it was a virtual visit. Thank you for sharing such a royal event, your outfit looked perfect for it!

Wishing you a lovely weekend.xo

Denise |

i love the pale blue jacket and the photos are great.

yeahme too, am having problems with the number of photos i want to share. But you know what just go and share it. People love photos.

have a great day!

Miss Red |

i love all of the photos, but it is a lot. the page took a while to load.
love the blazer so much! the bag is really cute too. i really like quilted bags. i really really want your shoes.
i really like the picture before the picture of the ushers. really pretty.

Francie. |

i like those black shoes. were they expensive? I’ve always wanted black/tan shoes laceups that dont look like school shoes, but still are detailed.

Y |

Thank you all of you!

To Francie – the shoes are £45 full price at Topshop, but I managed to find them on eBay for a bit less!


Alecca Rox |

aaawww… Hampton Court! I used to live in Kingston-upon-Thames (for 4 years) and would visit every now and then. You made me realise how much I’ve missed it…

ellie |

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

I love all your pictures, share as many as you want, it’s so nice to see parts of the world i haven’t been in such detail and depth.

Love all the fashion statements you have such a lovely sense of style!

Have you been to the Hampton Court flower show, that would be an amazing event to take pictures of.



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