Fire Escape BBQ Night

One lovely day last month we had a bbq.. at our fire escape stairs HAhaha

It was really spontaneous and fun.
Only cooked sausages and onions – just the way I like it!

I’m quite happy with my holidays this year – 5 so far. But so many places still left to visit. I want my own plane! It’ll be colourful with swirly patterns and an ice-cream machine inside. And a bouncy castle. And glow in the dark seats.

And a huge square piece of jello like that scene in Mickey & the Beanstalk where Donald and Goofy are going crazy on it!

So here are the pics


My floral sunnies


Cats came out to have a peek at BBQ


Last two sausages on the pit!

When it got dark we went outside again to take more pictures


I’m wearing a bleached denim tunic from Topshop

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Looks like I’m stepping in some dumpy area!
Actually that’s my old bath rug that’s been ‘out to dry’ since.. well some time ago.

Watched ‘The Memory Keeper’s Daughter’ movie on TV tonight
Has anyone read the book?
I bought it last year but only went as far as page 3 or something lame like that.
The movie wasn’t too bad though!


melly |

Heh your cats are seriously beautiful. I don’t want to rush you but dang i want to see photos of Barcelona!

Annie |

your shoes are fantastic! I have a similar pair and I can’t get enough of them. Also your sunnies are really cute.


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