Fat Tights.. and Ugg Boots

I’m never wearing this pair of tights again
It’s a floral one I picked up in Topshop last year

It’s rubbish because it’s one of those pairs with a generic one-fits-all size, meaning when you lay it flat on the bed it looks like two big ice cream sticks. Shapeless. And because I have small calves/ankles they don’t follow the shape of my legs in those parts, instead the fabric stretches over the ‘thinner’ areas (leaving space in between) making my legs look thick/fat! And it gathers around my ankle like saggy skin..

One size does NOT fit ALL unless it’s a scarf or a.. frying pan.. *grumble*

Ha ha here’s my grumpy face for you
Wearing the fur vest again. Sick of it now after two times.


Dress MinkPink (very old, bought in oz)
Tights Topshop
Fur vest Topshop
Boots vintage

Didn’t realise how ‘lumpy’ the dress looks
Probably because of the layers I wore underneath (I’m afraid of the cold!)


Comfy boots
Stupid tights


‘Profiteroles’ come to mind.. hmmmmmm


Whooga Boots
(I always giggle a bit at the name..!)

In an attempt to keep up with the cold weather I’ve been scouring the internet (when I have time anyway) for some warm/comfortable boots. I always have trouble because I have really small ankles and a lot of nice boots don’t fit well because of that. ANYWAY.

I’m no big fan of ugg boots but I stumbled upon this recently on an Australian fashion blog:

[pic taken from here]

My immediate reaction to anything ‘ugg’ is ugggly and something never to be worn in public.. but I honestly thought these look pretty good for the warmth and comfort you get in return. AS you can already tell, I really, really hate being cold.. and I think I’d love to wear these for casual days (which is most days for me in winter.. comfort is key) – running to the shops, errands, quick meals out, etc. I’m sure I can make it work as part of a nice outfit as well…

The pair in the photo is the ‘Black Weave Ugg Boot’ by Whooga (at £61, much more affordable than the UGG brand) with Australian Merino fleece lining.

I probably won’t be making any shoe purchases for now – got more ‘grown-up’ things to pay for.. tragically… – but if any of you want to buy from the Whooga online store you can use code ‘450YISH’ for 10% off over the next week.

Also if you follow them on twitter or sign up for their newsletter they are doing a monthly draw where winners will be sent a pair of boots. They don’t have that many followers on Twitter yet so your chances are quite high! 😉


Miss T |

It doesnt matter as long as you can walk in it. heels are delicious but tottaly impratical for daily routines.
love your furry waistcoat hun.



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