Do You Remember.. Summer in London?

I’m having a very rare night in tonight – meaning I got to come straight home after work. This hasn’t happened in.. I can’t even remember. My life has been a non-stop cycle of ..having fun (hehe)! Maybe a little too much, cos I find that I now have to schedule in a time to do my laundry -_-Time to myself is AWESOME. I got to make my own dinner (very extremely rare occasion), catch up on Modern Family/New Girl, do some online shopping (three pairs of Kurt Geiger shoes I don’t need), complete some online French lessons, and even sit down to have ICE CREAM.Amongst all that, I also spent some time on Picasa trying to organise my bazillion photos and a particular set from September 2011 caught my eye. In the middle of this bloody cold winter.. do you sometimes forget what it was like when it was summer and the sun only went down after 9pm? When you drank buckets full of CIDER and jumped into the Thames on a sizzling day in Richmond? And then realise the Thames is disgusting and full of germs and godknowswhatelse when you feel sick the next day? errr…. yeah anyway..

London really comes ALIVE in the summertime and although it can be a bit depressing in all this darkness now.. we mustn’t forget the special ENERGY that fills the city just a few months ago! I don’t! It’s what keeps me going during those blah moments (winter blues?). I’m already in the midst of plotting out my festival itinerary 2013.

Here are some photos taken at the Southbank last year..

P9033567.jpg P9033568.jpg P9033570.jpg P9033573.jpg P9033575.jpg P9033576.jpg P9033583.jpg P9033584.jpg P9033586.jpg P9033588.jpg

By the way, you Londoners will recognise this star flyer ride that’s rather a new summer installation on the Southbank. Last year, this ride cost £4 a go.. this year it went up to £7. Insane!

P9033594.jpg  P9033602.jpg

Below are pics of a suited street performer who, upon your monetary donation into his collection box, takes you and manoeuvres you into a certain position with himself to create a scene. It was super cool!!

P9033606.jpg P9033607.jpg P9033609.jpg P9033629.jpg P9033591.jpg P9033636.jpg P9033646.jpg

Hmm. It feels weird to be blogging pics from so long ago.. but I’ve got LOTS to catch up on and it’s kinda nice to look back at old photos.

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Winnie |

Oh Summer – definitely hard to remember bits now when it’s raining but oh well…I’m off to grab myself a turkey toasty haha! Happy Boxing day Y! x


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