Cycling with Horses at New Forest

Last weekend I went to Southampton because last month I stumbled upon this awesome deal – £2 return tickets from London to Southampton!

Anyway it turned out Southampton is kind of a boring place
There was hardly anything to do there

So we took the train farther to New Forest and went cycling!

At the end of it all (4 hours of it) my bum hurt and my legs were burning but it was such a fab day it didn’t matter

The bumpy path

Red tights!

I initially wore these red tights to do a lazy walk but when it was decided we’d get a bike instead I had to pull on my overworn, trusty houndstooth leggings Ha ha ha
I pulled them over the tights cos I was afraid of cold

There were HORSES just wandering about like stray dogs!
It was so strange but cool


There were a few more.. not in this photo

I’m so tall


We had a quick lunch here by this stream

Err merry christmas

LOVED the scenery

Pretend-abandoned bike

On this path we did something really silly
As we were pedalling along we wondered.. ‘hmm, how cool would it be to have a video of us cycling together in this cool place’

So we stopped, ran ahead maybe 25m, placed the video cam on the ground, pressed record, ran back to the bikes, got on them and rode them towards and past the camera ‘naturally’.

Ice cream stop!


So that was that

I only have one more post to go to wrap up Norway

In other news, I’m going to Milan next month!


Kaita |

I would love to see a bunch of horses wandering around. I’d probably want to walk up to one and hug it. (:

I’m so glad that you take so many pictures of your travels. As much as I’m envious that I’m not able to visit these places, seeing pictures is almost as good!

Y |

Aimee: I know, it’s easy to be biased towards other countries lol!

Kaita: That’s what I felt like doing! But I was chicken and was afraid they might get startled and kick me :p

HFF: thanks 🙂

blushingjoy |

New Forest looks lovely. Looks like a scene from the olden days with the horses wandering around. Lolz.. Will keep in mind to not visit Southhampton when I’m in the UK. 🙂


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