Wearing a Curtain as a Dress

I’m supposed to be in bed now as I’m leaving for the airport in.. less than 5 hours.
But instead I’m sitting here eating chicken curry.. and fresh tomatoes (??)
And posting one last thing before I go!

I’m spending 5 days in Copenhagen
It’s quite tragic for a sun-lover like me..
As it seems to be colder and wetter there than it is here!

But who cares
It’s a holiday 😉

Anyway here’s my quick What-I-Wore post

Shirt vintage
Belt vintage (from my mom)
Headband Topshop
Shoes eBay (no label)
Butterfly ring H&M
DSC_0173aThis ring is just fab
Simply because it’s adjustable! 😀

DSC_0140.JPG_effected DSC_0164.JPG_effectedA couple of overexposed shots

DSC_0153.JPG_effectedCan you spot my crappy chalk smiley-face, ha ha

Btw I love London-based blogs so if any of you write one please leave me your link!!



lumikha |

you’ll enjoy copenhagen (for many reasons), especially since you’re into fashion. i recommended taking the time to sit on a bench and just people watch. just some of the most stylish. ps: i was there around this time last year and it weather wasn’t so bad…at least we don’t have winters like ’em. 🙂

earthvs |

Aw, I love CPH! Apparently it’s snowing there now (!), crazy huh!

I’m an ex-Londoner (born & bred there) but now live just inside the M25. I still pay lots of visits back to the big city. Hope this counts!

Y |

Lumikha: You’re so right! I LOVED watching people there – and yes they all dressed so well!

earthvs: hehe it doesn’t count cos I already know you!!

And thanks everyone for your flattery, ha ha :p


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