Church Street Market


Over Saturday I had my legs waxed, eyebrows threaded, picked up a pair of shoes at Topshop, spent the afternoon slow-walking at the Church St Market near Edgware Road tube, and had tea with Roro + K  by the river

Weather was glorious!
But the wind was kinda chilly so actually I still felt mainly cold..
I suppose it wasn’t so glorious after all..haha

But I wore happy colours 😉

[outfit photos further down the page]


Came across this little stall and where an old lady with her husband (I think) were selling lots of lace, ribbons, and other sewing stuff. I bought some lace and fabric glue – which I later LOST – and 10 little rosebud thingies to sew onto ..err things. Sorry.. and a sewing beginner.

Best chicken tikka

We sat by the kerb and picked at this
I also packed a soft pear in my bag which I ate right after the chicken – yum

Roadside covered in spring

Took some happy photos at Paddington Green
The trees were beautiful
The grass looked like plush green carpet


Blue top no label (thrifted)
Skirt Topshop
Red tights JOY
Deep purple suede shoes Topshop

Really a simple outfit

No neck! Haha!

The next two photos were taken using the ‘pinhole’ function on my camera!

Being an idiot


The cafe where we had tea was located on top of the river
Best to refer to photo
If you live around London you should pay a visit, it’s really lovely (nearest tube is Edgware Rd)

I had an apple strudel with ice cream!

Cafe Laville

View from inside

Me on an empty tube platform – RARE

Post about my Sunday coming soon

It’s been raining all day and I’m sitting next to the radiator – I’m sleepy!



melly |

Collectively speaking for all your wonderful posts below, you look like you’re having so much fun, i’m jealous!

And what camera is this you’re using that has the pinhole function? The two photos you took using that function turned out really neat.

A dreamer |

your second outfit picture is so beautiful!
haha. guess you got those legs waxed for nothing..kinda..since you wore tights and all…

A dreamer |

ahahahh it IS a bag from h&m except, it’s not my bag. it’s my friend’s. she took the photo so she had to set down her bag somewhere. 😀

Y |

HFF: Thank you 🙂

ana b: you are always so kind!

blushingjoy: now would be a good time to try!

mely: hehe thanks.. well I’m jealous of all the perfect-looking food you eat! The camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix compact, it’s nothing too fancy but the pinhole function is cool!

A dreamer: Ahh i knew it! 😛

Kaita |

Cute tights!
Looks like spring is in full effect there. I love the picture of the petals on the roadside. Everything looks so pretty, vibrant and happy (including you)! (:

Overdressed Me |

i absolutely adore this outfit. the colors are perfect for spring. and that skirt is just perfect. i even like the look with u all wrapped up in ur coat.

im gonna add u to my blogroll.

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