Brighton with My Funnest Friend

I’m back from Copenhagen!
Stepped onto the weighing scale a moment ago and it tells me I’ve gained about 2kg over this holiday – no wonder my face is so round in all those photos!!! Factoring out the wintry conditions there, I had a wonderful time 😀

But first here is a photo summary of my little trip down to Brighton with Aysha last weekend


Lucky us, it was so sunshiney bright that day


IMG_8332Although the air was actually mostly chilly..
But English people are really strange, they think 16 degrees = time to bring out the shorts + t shirts!

IMG_8355 IMG_8363-1

The last time I visited Brighton Pier was in 2007 in the height of summer
I love all the lame rides and the sounds they make
The colours of the tacky signs
Shoes and sandals scuffing along the wooden planks
And ESPECIALLY the big fat seagulls that circle the sky


IMG_8382 IMG_8400
P1120524 P1120492a

Me with ice cream – there is excellent soft-serve there
Our photographer of the day
And a funky redhead that A spotted


The NEATEST chalk hopscotch I’ve ever seen in my life


We bought fish n chips and sat on the pebbly beach eating away
Lazing away
Rotting away
The best way

IMG_8413 IMG_8414 IMG_8416 IMG_8422 IMG_8418

I think we spent most of the day laughing till our sides hurt and taking silly photos
Two things I loooooove

IMG_8472 IMG_8473 IMG_8478 IMG_8485 P1120516
 Towards the end of the day we needed a place to rest/pass the time/have a drink and we passed this particular bar again.“Hey let’s just go in here”

“Nah let’s not.. it looks dodgy cos it seems to be full of men only”

So, we went in
Turned out there were lots of men in there because it was a gay bar (duh)
And somehow it made us giggle (since we felt stupid) and decide we would be fake lesbians while in there.

Felt like school again!


Taiii |

The photos are really amazing! And this city looks reeeeeeally cute… I wish I can travel around the world in a near future!


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