21 July 2009

Boating at Regents Park

Here are some photos from a couple of weekends ago – just  6 out of many!
The four of us went to the boating lake at Regents Park
Gorgeous day..
Hired rowboats and had ice cream!


Wearing Topshop playsuit

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Have been extremely busy
But hope to post more this week i have LOTS to share!




heres’ a carrot, lol. nice photos. where exactly is this regent’s park? sounds english as does many places colonized by the british.

Danielle |

Purple is my favorite, and to have a purple floral playsuit just puts me in heaven! Not really lol, but it’s really cute.

Kaita |

That playsuit is to die for!
Dfgj! /dies

I love the sweetheart neckline. There’s not enough sweetheart necklines in the world, in my opinion.

Cap'n NikNak |

Hey! thanks for your comment on my blog! lol Im leaving u a carrot since u blog is uber cool! and i love your styleeee! love the MJ tshrt and this playsuit and ur photos are amazinngggg! 😉 x

melly |

You’re my real-person Topshop catalogue! Looking real nice in the romper (:

And utterly jealous whenever i see your photos of the water/river.

chloe in the sky |

I like that topshop think, I like the shoes so much!
It ‘s pure talent to be able to be stylish ever when you ‘re wearing 2 pieces – and you have it!
chloe 🙂

chloe in the sky |

It ‘s pure talent to be able to wear only 2 things and still be stylish – and you have it! love the shoes, love the topshop thing.
chloe 🙂


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