Bertie is a Shoe Label, Not a Boy


When I first see the word, I think of.. a stereotypically bespectacled, nerdy boy wearing a checked shirt, shorts, and suspenders. Who nibbles on stale cookies.

But recently, I’ve come to know Bertie as Bertie Shoes – an up-and-coming brand of footwear, part of The Dune Group, boasting two new stores in London (South Molton St and Covent Garden). Last night I went with Emma to the launch of the SS ‘11 collection at the Covent Garden store.

It was my first time seeing their shoes in person – they’re nice! Not as edgy or as colourful as I like, but the quality was good and designs still kept in line with current trends.

Here are photos.. we had lots of fun. Especially in the photobooth.
I was saying, “If I’d known there’d be a photobooth here I would’ve brought my OWN props too!!”
My masks, moustaches, funny glasses, hats, etc


One of the first things that caught my eye – Haribo
This could be attributed to either 1) I was hungry, or 2) They’re really colourful

P3234292 P3234308

There were cupcakes, sandwiches, popcorn, and most importantly Crabbie’s alcoholic ginger beer
They’re the best



“Oh my goodness! There’s a.. a.. a piece of someone’s TOE in here!”

“That’s amazing, let me find the Toe Mode and get a photo”


The maroon/mauve pair in this design was so popular that it wasn’t even on the shelf for me to photograph. I’m guessing at least 3/4 of the girls picked that one!

They really do look amazing on

(thank you Bertie for gifting us a pair of shoes each)


Some of the shoes I tried
Unfortunately, I’m not a very patient person
So in fact, these were really the only ones I sat down and tried on


Then I spotted something YELLOW!


“How many times would you actually wear this out anyway?”
That’s true.

I’m not the kind of girl who trots around in high heels unless it’s a special occasion or if I REALLY feel like it (in which case I’ll pack some flats in my bag, unless it’s one of those rare, comfortable pairs).

I’m the kind of girl who loves being outdoors
Walking and skipping and dancing and hopping
Running around and pretending to ice-skate when it’s slippery
Prancing through grass and racing up steps

That kind.


And so it came down to these two pairs
I really love the tapestry one


But I couldn’t resist the yellow
And I decided, one day I’ll be skipping along the canals wearing them
Outside my new flat in Camden





Wooooohh… sunshiney!
Egg yolky!
Honey! Butter! Custard!
The Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz!

These are great things for a pair of shoes to be associated with 🙂



The PhotoBooth was the best part of our night
We went four times – Bertie kept one copy and Pecan has the other

We like looking like idiots


Check out the Bertie Shoes collection here
PS – they also make shoes for men

Thank you Bertie for a fab night
I think you can tell I love my new shoes!


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