Before I Needed a Coat

Wore this perhaps a month ago – in October

We had taken a bus trip to Hammersmith to meet a friend, went grocery shopping together, and come back home to make the most delicious homemade soup dinner (among other things) I’d had in a while. We ate, drank, had silly conversations, and simply enjoyed each others’ company.

It was a good day 🙂


Red Heattech top Uniqlo
Grey tunic Topshop
Sand sleeveless wrap H&M
White knit children’s cardi + boots vintage


I wear these boots nearly EVERY DAY now
I can’t help it – they’re the comfiest pair I own and they keep me warm
I like to think that I’m loyal to it


Sigh.. back when a coat was yet to be needed..!

To my friend Meesh if you ever read this – we miss you dearly. What will we do without your loud voice and big hair!


Rose |

Great booties, looking good chicka! I like this header the best… you have very nice handwriting. 🙂 Rosanne x


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