Beautiful Boston Manor Park

These photos are from a month ago when we visited what I thought was one of the most beautiful parks ever. It’s so little in terms of area/land but I found myself gushing at its beauty over and over again while walking through it until I was asked to be quiet.
The park is simply called Boston Manor Park and it’s in.. Boston Manor. If you live in West London you should definitely make a visit! Such an unexpected gem. You’ll feel like you’re in a fairytale.


Top – Old Blossom Box
Shorts – ASOS
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens for H&M


I was surprised that I bought these shoes
I don’t normally like clogs, but these proved to be amazingly comfortable, and so I did the obvious thing and got them in both colours – red and white.

While it was warm, I wore them nearly every day..
Such a tragedy that it’s suddenly gone cold again.. it’s actually a tease!


I was so excited that I took a photo of the sunny sun.

P4240528 P4240538 P4240547 P4240554 P4240557

Look how beautiful the ground is with all the fallen leaves!

P4240567 P4240570 P4240585

I am in love with this gigantic tree
Look how far its arms stretch out, as if to say ‘hug me!’

We had a picnic near it – not under it; the Big Tree loves the sun too so it barely has any gaps for any leftover rays to meet the ground

P4240596 P4240597

They’re a bit ugly, aren’t they? haha
I still like them


I took Martin, my toy alien, out too and we recorded a video together
And then I played frisbee and tried to climb Big Tree (but didn’t get very far)


Winnie |

Your Swedish Hasbeens are really lovely on you! They look so great on everyone and I think they definitely look better on than on their own. I always wonder how clogs can be comfortable because of that hard wooden sole…maybe I should try one day!

Danni |

Oh gosh it’s so pretty, I’d never have guessed it was in London! Love the second picture too…that’s exactly the pose I strike when the sun finally comes out – hooraaay! x


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