A Pretty in Pink Dell x OPI Laptop

Upon returning from my sailing trip
The nice people at Dell sent me a laptop from the Dell x OPI range to use for a couple of weeksSome of you may have already seen/heard
But Dell have come up with something called Design Studio which lets you customise what your laptop cover looks like
One of the available ranges is a variety of 27 covers based on OPI Nail Polish colours
You can customise your laptop with one of these OPI colours at an additional cost of £69.I got sent the Dell Inspiron Mini with the OPI shade called..

*wait for it*


I know. I had a laugh to myself when I saw the words in italic printed on the side of the laptop lid..

View the rest of the OPI colours by clicking here

But in the meantime let me show you my Princesses Rule laptop and how cute and handy it is : :

DSC_0585 (2)It perches prettily on my window sill

DSC_0572 (2)

Close up on the cover

DSC_0570 (2)

It even matches my pink desk chair.. (that I hardly sit on)

The screen is pretty tiny
But it’s supposed to be an easily portable laptop so I guess it can’t go any bigger
Admittedly I had some problems with the screen – I was always squinting cos everything was just SO SMALL.The resolution options aren’t too great either –
The highest two make text look minuscule, the anything lower than those doesn’t fit everything into the screen..BUT
You do get used to it after a day or two
And it’s also got a full keyboard that’s easy to use

Laptop’s Big Day Out

DSC_0586Me holding the laptop in busy Covent Garden
[outfit post here]I took it with me while I went shopping
I walked everywhere (well everywhere within Covent Garden anyway…) with it

Took it to the super pink store Tatty Devine
Where I sat on the steps and had a go at using it on my lapI have to say it’s the perfect size for carrying aroundDSC_0627

See, it fits in my handbag just right!

I could even check my reflection in it
In a limited way.. haha

I wonder what else it’s good forDSC_0638

Oh yeah
It’s so handy-sized light that you can jump around with it too!


I just think this laptop is so perfect for me
As I can take it with me when I travel
Although I have to say, my own laptop is actually travel-sized as well
Just that it’s boring black
But with childish/colourful stickers on it :pAs for functionality
It’s (the Dell Inspiron Mini) got everything you need to..uh, update your blog! HAHA
Ok it’s got all the essentials
It works at a good speed and the screen is clear (great for pics/videos)
It runs on Windows 7 Smart, comes with about 120GB of space, and.. whatever you need to get on the internet and do your shit
Not for anything too serious/heavy
It’s just right for a laptop that size really
Sadly I’ll have to return the laptop soon
Perhaps it’s because it’s to be swapped with one from the new Threadless range.. *wishes*But anyway do go to the Dell Design Studio and check out the Threadless laptop covers
They’re pretty cool!


Miss Molly |

ok, i am heading to the shops this weekend to search for one of those! (hoping they are out in SA)but looks like i am travelling to HK next month so will keep an eye out there too! It’s really great and i love that it can fit in your bag! (perfect for travelling)

Lovely outfit pics



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