An Afternoon in Bordeaux.. With a Tree Branch

posted on: Sunday, June 01, 2014

*I wrote this last week but forgot to publish..

Sitting in a beautifully sunny garden in Milan right now.. and about to tell you a story about an afternoon spent in Bordeaux during one of the last days of 2013, in the winter!

My best friend from home, Joyce, had come to France spend the Christmas period with her partner Clem, whose family lives in Bordeaux. I joined in for one week.

bordeaux lights

^This is my favourite photo of the city that I'd taken during the trip.

Bright circle lights hanging over the streets illuminate the city at night.. it felt magical!


^The fleuve

me in bordeaux

Coat - Isabel Marant x H&M
Jumper - Vintage
Skirt & Bag - Topshop
Boots - Urban Outfitters

And I'm wearing a pink Buff on my head.. :p

winter trees

I just liked the look of these naked, leafless trees. And then ME! In hindsight I should've worn something more along the lines of.. neon yellow.

joyce n clem

^Me, Joyce, Clem.

It was SO GOOD to see these two again! It's always a funny/fun/crazy time think it's cos we're all so mad..

We took one day out of the week that we spent together to go out and have a wander around Bordeaux. Started with lunch at some brasserie which name I sadly don't remember - but it was nothing super special so I thought it unnecessary.. haha

steak tartare

^Joyce's steak tartare


^Stuffed eggs and oysters


found branch

So, after lunch, when we went out to where all the naked trees were.... I found this tree branch with bright orange leaves still attached, lying lonely on the ground. Naturally, I befriended it and invited it to join us on our city stroll.

kidnap branch

I introduced it to Joyce. She was receptive.

Unfortunately, Clem refused to be friends with an inanimate object. I had to chase him down so many streets with the branch, pestering him.

"SAY HELLO to the branch!!!"

Clem said he was embarrassed to be seen with us.

annoy clem

Eventually, with a LOT of annoying behaviour by Joyce and I, Clem relented and ACTUALLY SAID HELLO TO MY TREE BRANCH!!! HA ha hahahha

I pushed it by trying to make him say more, but I think that was his limit.. but it's ok, we got the whole thing on video.. :)

irritate clem



It was a rather grey gloomy day that afternoon. But the sunshine was in US!

We went to a couple of beautiful toy stores and I bought myself a plush.. banana. What else, right?

Saw this cool art installation near the church:

cool dome

At first I thought WOW what a cool tunnel thingy.. that's somewhat like a ball..

We went inside and took some photos

inside dome


illuminated dome

Isn't it so cool! I hope to have something similar in my own garden. Umm someday.


^Joyce brought her Carebear out.

And here's a little behind-the-scenes shot:

behind the scenes


grey bordeaux

^I thought there was a certain beauty in the monotonous colour palette that was seen in Bordeaux that day. Quiet, peaceful, and a little bit mysterious! A perfect setting for someone like me to come prancing about with a brightly dressed tree branch..

And oh yeah, I also learnt that you can buy a model of Picasso's nose. My favourite is the watermelon one - seen on the bottom row, far right.

picasso nose

I like the idea of having a colourful Picasso's nose in my handbag or pocket. That way I can pull it out at random times.

"Hey, look what I have here, a NOSE"

It's a good way to meet people, I think.

While I can't say that I 'fell in love' with Bordeaux - like I do with many places I go to - I did have a lot more fun than I anticipated! The people were fairly friendly.. there was even a night when we ended up at some random dude's flat to share a few drinks.. but that's a story for another day.

The city itself was also more vibrant than I imagined. Admittedly I didn't spend too much time exploring it since most of the week was spent with Clem in the suburbs with his family and friends.

Wanna go to Bordeaux? Check Monarch for cheap flights from London! They've got a concise little guide to the city too.. !

Why I Freakin' Love Amsterdam

posted on: Tuesday, May 20, 2014


It occurred to me the other day that it’s been over two years since I last went to Amsterdam. TWO YEARS!  I plugged into my external hard drive to look at photos I’d accumulated from previous trips there and damn do I miss it. I've been going a bit too mad with my love for Italy (in fact I'm in Milan again in two days hehe) and Portugal and I'd forgotten about my former haunt.

So here’s a quick run-down of a few things that made me think ‘I Loooooove Amsterdam’!



My absolute favourite market is Noodermarkt especially on the Monday, which I make sure to visit every time I’m in Amsterdam. This takes place in the beautiful Jordaan neighbourhood and has loads of vintage clothes/textiles, antiques, and even old children’s toys.


^I believe I was asking the price of a vintage swimming costume there


^Colourful strips of fabric! I got tempted and bought a few. They’re still unused, years later..

albert cuypstraat

^View at Albert Cuyp market, the biggest one in the city and best-known in the country!

vintage tins

^Vintage food tins seen at Waterlooplein Market, held at the Jewish Quarter. I think it’s one of the oldest, if not THE oldest (market) in Amsterdam.


I can’t tell you enough how much I LOOOOVE this park! it’s beautiful! It’s huuuuuge! Sure I love the many amazing parks in London but Vondelpark definitely has a special, happy vibe to it. I’m not even sure what it is; perhaps it feels a bit less manicured than say, Regents Park or Hyde Park over here.


I remember talking to a friendly dude here and we ended up spending the rest of the evening together somewhere in the city.

wilson at the park

^This is Wilson, Joyce’s pet golf ball. We brought him to the park and made him a sort of shrine.

 wilson and me

^We shared many a happy moment. Vondelpark was also where I shared a special magical experience with my best friend from home.



burgermeester burger

^One of the most damn delicious burgers I’d had at the time. I remember eating it till sauce was dripping down to my elbows.. ELBOWS!!! Now that's something not to be forgotten.

Albert Cuypstraat 48
1072 CV

(They’ve got three other locations in Amsterdam)


me at canal  joyce at canal

My absolute favourite thing to do is buy crappy-yet-not-crappy takeaway food/drink and sit by the side of one of the maaaany canals with music.. with a close friend a bonus. Haha.

me again

I’ve spent many an hour chilling out by an Amsterdam canal.. people-watching and such. It’s the best! Especially in such a quirky, creative city where there’s so much to observe and be fascinated by.
Which brings me to..


weird hotdog


park pillow

^PARK PILLOW. It also says ‘Do Not Remove’, mind you.

condom art

^Condom art

private message

^A public private message… awww

babboon graffiti

^An upside-down baboon to put a smile on your face!  My friend is not smiling. She's weird.

creepy mannequins

^The freakiest mannequins I’d ever seen.

be starlight

^Coasters that tell you to ‘Be Starlight’. STARLIGHT! It’s amazing!

super soft

^Self-promoting messages on bicycle seats


Amsterdam has many a cute toy store. I’ve bought quite a number of souvenirs and I love them ALL.

toy robots

ferris wheel  toy boxes

One of the best ones has to be A Space Oddity in Jordaan.

A Space Oddity
Prinsengracht 204
1016 HD

Of course, there are countless other things I looooove about Amsterdam.. oh the food, the trams (I love trams, alright?), the architecture and interior design, the parties, the CHIPS.. haha but perhaps the rest can be for another post.

Wanna go to Amsterdam?

It’s under an hour from London by plane (it takes longer to traverse London) ! Sometimes I wonder why I’m not there like, every month.

Check for flights using Kayak, my favourite, most trusted flight aggregator, and pick a hotel in Amsterdam by Accor here. Weekend break done!

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