Fun Times at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

It must be something like 15 years since I last missed out on a family trip to Phuket, so when I received an invitation to go and have some fun at Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa, I had to say yes. I needed a reason to go online and order some new pool floats in the shape of food items (because that is all the rage right?).

Phuket is one of those places I dreamed of visiting when I was a child, especially since my family ended up going without me on two occasions. I’ve been wanting (but not dying) to go ever since, even though the general consensus isn’t exactly ‘Phuket is AMAAAZING’. Just one of those places I had to see for myself, you know.

First of all, Dream Hotel is beautiful:

Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa

There is a smaller rooftop pool available but we didn’t spend much time there. The big pool was too tempting – plus it had a swim-up bar.

A taxi from the airport costs 700 baht normally, but we managed to haggle it down to 600 – hey that’s over £2 in savings! Haha.

Dream Hotel is located halfway down from the airport to the popular tourist area  of Patong, so the ride took about 20 minutes (it’s 50 minutes to Patong).

We didn’t bother to visit Patong at all because we’d heard a lot of negative things about it (I don’t fancy big crowds).. and sincerely, I loved hanging out at Dream so much that I felt it better worth our time. We did do an island-hopping day-trip, which seemed mass-produced and not as idyllic as it sounds. It made us long to be on the clean, peaceful, and beautiful grounds of Dream even more.

Digression: A couple of nice photos I got from the island trip:

The staff will advise and help you book any boat trips or other activities you might be interested in, although you might find better prices if you looked around yourself outside or online.

Our hotel room was modern and clean. It also kept up-to-date with the trend of not installing any doors to separate the bathroom area. There was a pillow menu. I ordered all the pillows because I am one of those annoying people who needs to feel with my hands (and face) to decide. The bed was huge and I had a few good dreams on it. DREAMS.. geddit?? DREAM HOTEL?

You know what didn’t disappoint? The breakfast that was included in the room rate. No boring ‘continental breakfast’! I was so happy.

There was porridge – that’s rice porridge, not stodgy bland oats  – with all the amazing salty condiments like fried anchovies and salted duck egg and preserved vegetables. I looked forward to this every morning, along with the green curry, fried rice, noodles, and fresh tropical fruits..


I went and bought these three yummy things – pink donut float, giant pizza float, funny pretzel float) – just for the trip. The pizza was definitely the best – it has holes to hold your drinks! Apparently you can buy eight and connect them all to form a whole pizza.



Aside from the main hotel grounds, the resort also includes Dream Beach Club, which you can access via free regular shuttles that go back and forth every day.

I loved Dream Beach Club! There are beds (and towels)! And music! There are regular DJs there and the afternoon vibe is energetic and fun.

If you want some quiet there is a private beach – Dream Beach – that connects to/is a part of Layan Beach. We went there a lot. In these photos it seems pretty empty but that’s because I went there especially early (read: 11am) to get these shots before the place filled up.


An empty beach is a good beach. Except if you hurt yourself and there’s nobody around to help you? Haha


On some evenings the hotel puts on a fire show. Too bad it poured down so much on my visit but at least the flames survived..



The Sunday Brunch at Dream Beach Club comes highly recommended – and we’d heard so much about it from Christine (our host at Dream) in the days leading up to Sunday. She said to expect A LOT OF FOOD.

There was a lot of food. All kinds! It was served buffet-style next to the pool so there were a lot of undecisive people skulking around with their plates – this includes me.

There were burgers and pizza and roast. Grilled seafood, stuffed croissants, and a variety of condiments. It was just amazing and made you wish you had eight stomachs.

I stuffed myself with a lot of papaya salad (my all-time favourite Thai dish).



One of the little excursions you can enjoy from Dream is a jaunt to a buzzing local food market – the Boat Avenue Friday Night Market that happens.. every Friday (surprise).. in Cherng Talay. The hotel provides a free shuttle to and from – it’s about 15 minutes away. You just have to sign up at reception.

It’s exactly how you’d imagine an Asian food market – lots of stalls, lots of strong smells, and lots of food that appeal to your curiosity (and sense of adventure). It seems to be frequented by lots of local people too.


If you’re ever in Phuket and want some fun and peace at the same time, do consider staying at Dream. It’s a little haven away from the touristy spots and you’ll be treated and fed well. They also don’t mind if you order ALL the pillows from the pillow menu!

Click here for rates & availability or book directly from the website 🙂


Picardo |

Omg I wanna be there so bad and have all the papaya salad! It’s my favorite too we have so much in common!

Delilah |

That beach club looks great! Those brunch photos are amazing. With the music and shows and everything, it seems like this hotel is a really fun getaway to Phuket!

Lana |

I have heard so lovely things about Phuket the past months. It’s great to know that is safe for a girl to travel! I’d love to do a solo trip like this someday!


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