Surviving Horseshoe Bend in the Summer

The trick was simple – bring a huge umbrella!

Because it is freakin’ hot and it’s a fully exposed walk from the carpark all the way to the viewpoint, with only one small shaded area (a little hut) towards the end.

horseshoe bend in the heat

Joyce and I borrowed the umbrella from our Airbnb host in Page. We did contemplate the idea for a good few minutes and it went something like:

“Hmm do we REALLY need it?”

“It’ll help so much not to be in the direct sunlight.. it’s 43 degrees out there”

“But then it’s mostly justย a flat walk how hard can it be”

“But think of how much TORTUROUS it could be! Remember Angel’s Landing??”

“We might look stupid.. who hikes with an umbrella”

“Ok who cares if we look stupid”

In the end we thought it was better just to have it – after all the only thing we had to do was chuck it into our car.

When we arrived at the Horseshoe Bend parking lot, opened the doors and felt the weight of the hot air on our faces, we immediately knew that bringing the umbrella was A GOOD IDEA.

our view

We took turns holding it. Turned out to be quite the arm workout in those temperatures.

Along the way we of course passed loads of other people, fully exposed to the sun and mostly sweating and dying..ย looking at us with envy.ย Oh how they wished they had an umbrella! I can’t say that we didn’t feel just a BIT smug.

bright shoes at horseshoe bend

Looking back I don’t know how we would’ve survived without our umbrella. It totally saved us from a lot of suffering and allowed us to spend a bit more time dangling our legs over the edge and taking photos. The rocks were super rough, though, and made holes in the skin of our thighs/bums.

We later bumped into a park ranger, who eagerly came over to talk to us and stayed more than a couple of minutes, enjoying our umbrella shade. Haha!

There was a boat going by at one point, and we caught sight of tiny people looking like crawling insects down there.

little people at horseshoe bend


jumping at horseshoe bend horseshoe bend

We LOVED Horseshoe Bend. It was a spectacular view. It somehow reminded me of the Great Valleyย in one of my favourite childhood animated movies, ‘The Land Before Time‘. Definitely one of the highlights of our Arizona/Utah road trip.

So if you happen to go during the summer season – BRING AN UMBRELLA! You won’t regret it ๐Ÿ˜‰


Ricardo |

hahaha what a great idea! Even if it’s only to go from the car to the beach in hot days!

Itinera Magica |

I love this post! Great pictures and nice story.
I saw Horseshoe Bend from a plane when I was flying to Vegas last August… it wasn’t something I had known or planed, I just looked out and oh! Horseshoe bend! And since then, I have wished to see it, so I’m going to Arizona next April ๐Ÿ™‚

Yishyene |

Oh the view from above must have been pretty good! Arizona in April should be amazing and won’t be sweltering heat like in June when I went ๐Ÿ™‚

akosixess |

Hi! Thanks for your blog, especially all the tips of your AZ travel coz we’re planning to visit Antelope and Horseshoe Bend on June and we will def bring an UMBRELLA! Thanks very much and I love the photos and ideas <3 What kind of camera did you use? by the way I followed you on IG already ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yishyene |

Hi!! YES you will definitely be grateful for that umbrella! We hid under there 95% of the time! Those photos were shot with an Olympus PEN camera (E-PL5) ๐Ÿ™‚


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