Summer Sailing – Monte Carlo, Monaco

*30+ pics in this post – pics thanks to Joyce/her camera
*this is a scheduled post

In the middle of our sailing week we moored at Monte Carlo (Monaco) port for a few hours before continuing on to San Remo (Italy)
To take a stroll in the blazing heat
Up to the palace and down again
We skipped and jumped along the way
It was such a beautiful day in a beautiful place 🙂


As you approach your destination you must point to it
Just in case


Saw this huge cruise ship, The Norwegian Jade, as we circled around looking for a ‘parking spot’

P1011007 P1011006

Yay! Land!


All the people from these boats were probably also traipsing about in the city
*happy holiday people*


One of the many cafe-lined lanes

P1011010 P1011019

Me being duh and Joyce sandwiched by Abi + Nir

P1011023 P1011022

I remember it being BURNING HOT that day
So hot that.. umm.. i ..wished it were cooler

We caught a bus that carried us up a hill where the palace was


A lot of the buildings in Monte Carlo were painted shades of yellow, reminding me of Salzburg

P1011050 P1011051

Narrow lanes
And again green shutters! Like that little town I passed through in Mallorca


View from where we were


Someone up to no good…

P1011070 P1011072

Staring at this photo I feel an urge to flick her head off with my finger
HA ha ha


Walking path from the palace downwards

P1011082 P1011083

Naughty girls can’t keep both feet on the ground!


Note that my feet are on the ground


This shot never stops amazing me in that it looks so much like a diorama photo!
But no, it’s REAL and all objects in it are REAL


Stopped by an airconditioned cafe later and had some proper profiteroles
There was a plate of really delish pasta as well.. now where is that photo??


Joyce’s fav photo from Monte Carlo Day 😉

Play Time!

The boat went on towards San Remo after that
And along the way it stopped

Everyone got out their toys (ok I bought the toys but it’s because I knew everyone would want one) and jumped into the blueness

Had SUCH a fun time!
The most memorable part was when we were all in a circle, clung to a blow-up toy to keep us afloat, and Nir piped up,

“You know what we look like? We look like a bunch of idiots playing with their blow up dolphin and whale (etc), that’s what people will think when they pass us!”

It’s not even that funny a statement, but because we knew how true it was we all had the best time laughing to ourselves in the water!


P1011126 P1011134

Joyce made us some fab cocktails on board with what we had on the boat
Turned out great!

Later on we hung out on the front deck (a daily occurence) as the boat cruised along to our next destination
Doing Nothing 🙂


And playing with fake boobs/our blow up whale

P1011152 P1011153

Yes I’m aware that my belly has caused a fold in my bikini bottom.

P1011150 P1011144

Can’t wait to share more pics from the other days from this trip!



joycewong |

It’s Niki in the pic, not Nir!

And the naughtiest people are always the ones trying to point the finger at someone else…. 😉

Geo |

Looks fabulous and not unlike an ocean filled trip i just went on. 🙂 we even had a blow up whale like yours! haha

I saw you tried to follow my blog the but you said it kept wiggin’ out. I just followed you.. you can type my name into your followers list if the alternative doesnt work.

looking forward to your next post! =(^_^)=

franki |

AMAZING pics! Monte Carlo looks absolutely beautiful – I wish I was there, instead of miserable cold England 🙁
Love how you’re both co-ordinated in your blue and white outfits – you match the sea! x


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