Smokey Purple Hair – One Month Evolution

It took me a long time to compile these photos – I’ve been really disorganised with managing the pics taken with my iPhone/’real camera’ so this was QUITE the task.If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I constantly change my hair colour. Most of the time I have my hair done at the Vidal Sassoon Creative Academy as I’m one of their demonstration models. I love it! William, my usual hairstylist (he’s amazing), always does a fab job and I can confidently walk in and say ‘do whatever you want’. At the start of June, I had my whole head dyed bright hot pink. And less than a month ago – at the beginning of July – I had the faded pink stripped and painted over with a sort of smokey/ash purple. I thought I’d show you the evolution of my hair colour in just one month (this July).

The photos start from two days after I first got it cut and dyed.


purple hair purple hair 2 purple hair closeup

The colour appeared slightly uneven – you can see some parts which were a brownish/yellowish hue due to stubborn old dye that stuck on despite the bleach. But I kinda liked it that way.

purple hair 3


hair stage 1

At this stage the shape of my haircut was still sharp and defined.. hmm I miss that!


hair stage 2

This was taken in Lisbon.. as you can see I’m biting my festival tickets..


hair stage 4 hair stage 4

Still in Lisbon, this photo was taken at Caparica beach

You can see that the purple has faded a lot and become a bit dreamy. At this point I started washing my hair with strong conditioner (when you use so much bleach you need a LOT of this!) that I mixed with some hot pink hair dye. So as the purple faded, some light pink started to be visible.

Mixing some dye in your conditioner is a great and easy way to keep a fading colour from looking too manky. It doesn’t stain your hands (don’t mix in too much!) and you can do it when you’re having a shower.

I order my dyes from this website (Beeunique) – I keep some at home for top-ups/experimentation! They stock Special Effects (my preferred option) and Manic Panic dyes, amongst a whole load of other brands (Directions, Crazy Colour, etc). If I don’t use the conditioner-trick and want to keep the original colour instead, I simply top-up/dye over at home every 1-2 weeks.


hair stage 5 hair stage 7


hair stage 6

This photo was taken over the weekend, when I had a massive picnic at Hyde Park for my birthday! My hair was somewhat a cotton-candy shade..

I thought I’d throw in a little Instagram video that I did.. as you can kinda see my hair in it too. 😉


final dye final dye 2

This was literally taken TODAY, after a shower i.e. a fresh coat of pink laced hair conditioner. The purple has all but gone and what’s left is a pale shade of pink.. which I kinda like. I’ll see how long I can go before I get annoyed/impatient and have to message William to ‘please fix my hair!’

WELL I hope you enjoyed this series of PICTURES OF MY FACE. No really I do. Cos I did spend freakin’ ages picking out these photos thanks to my disorganisation and the fact that I have media stored in too many places.

Sometimes I think I own too many gadgets.. most of which I don’t even USE, e.g. my iPad which has been collecting dust since March.. and my iPod nano that’s sitting in my box of earrings. I also have a flat screen TV somewhere.. and a very bored Playstation 3 + Nintendo DS. And a spare laptop. I should really sell them – then I’ll have more to spend on things like TRAVEL (my true passion) and CLOTHES (my other love). I’d say it could help with the cost of maintaining my hairs – but then I don’t pay for that, hehe.

I’m well versed with selling clothes and fashiony things on eBay, but not electronics. What do you do with gadgets you don’t need anymore?? A friend of mine sold his Xbox 360 on this site, which is a company that conveniently buys all your gadgety stuff. Though I’m sure you can get more money if you used something like Gumtree.. if you don’t mind sifting through all the dodgy people and time-wasters, that is. Ok this is already thought-provoking enough for me… I guess this is why I still uselessly own all these things -_-

Back to the topic: Do any of you bleach or dye your hair? Do you love it? Can you never go back to your natural colour? 

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Wow that’s amazing how much your hair has changed in a month! I love the idea of being a demonstration model at Vidal Sasson although I’m not very brave when it comes to changing my hair. x


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