Shopping/What I Wore Instagram Diary

If you already follow me on Instagram..this will be kind of a zzz post for you, oops..

I barely post on this blog anymore as I’m always on the go and moments when I can sit at my laptop these days are super rare! So I end up telling the world about my activities and whereabouts via Twitter and Instagram – my two favourite and most-used apps on my phone. It’s just so much easier and it’s handy, especially since my phone fits in my pocket and my normal camera doesn’t.

Anyway, here are some pics of clothes/shopping/what I wore over the last two months, i.e. February – March 2012 via Instagram compilation a.k.a. lame excuse for a post. But well it’s my blog I can do whatever I want..

IMG 3074
When it was still cold
Sweater – H&M
Yellow Jeans – Topshop
IMG 3257
I was happy on this day cos I found my trusty old yellow beanie that I wore to death during the last winter.
Beanie – H&M
Cashmere cardi – vintage
Top – sister’s
IMG 3346
This is a 20s/30s era hat that I found in Brick Lane
It’s velvety and the real-life colour is a deep, rich purple
IMG 3417
Leggings – Topshop
Boots – F21
IMG 3472
Sandals for summer – Ecoté @ Urban Outfitters
Too bad they totally demolished me the first time I wore them, which was a mere few days ago.
So much so that I had to run to Boots to buy bandaids.. which didn’t really even work. I ended up folding down the backs of the shoes and stepping onto them *painforfashion*
IMG 3477
Acid wash pink jeans – Urban Outfitters

Absolutely love these jeans
Have worn them a fair number of times since I bought them = value purchase
IMG 3492
Floral shirt – vintage
Leggings – Topshop
Bunny ring – H&M
IMG 3617
This is going to be THE spring blazer of my wardrobe this year
It’s a bit loud
It’s a bit crazy
A bit colourful
i.e. it’s so me!
Floral blazer – Zara

My iPhone case is by Kate Spade.
IMG 3669
Burnt orange wedges – Urban Outfitters
(yes I did a big shop there recently!)
IMG 3721
Shorts for the summer – Topshop
These are high-waisted and have only a zip closure at the back
Can’t wait to wear them when I get the chance!
I got a neon yellow top from ASOS (not shown in this post) that will go superbly with this.
IMG 3735
I call these pants (sorry – pants are pants.. I don’t say ‘trousers’) my pajama pants. Cos that’s what they feel like! Except they’re socially acceptable in public (in my opinion anyway).
Cropped Top – Leftblock
Pants – H&M
IMG 3782
Mesh top – Urban Outfitters (yes.. more)
Necklace – some remnant from some household item years ago
IMG 3783
And these are the last things I bought from UO!
Coloruful knit bodycon skirt and a stripey tank top.
And that concludes my Instagram clothes roundup
[find me on Instagram as smallcrazy]
Two more sleeps and I’m off back to Malaysia for three weeks!
I’ll be spending the Easter weekend on a road trip with my family, and then going to a beautiful island in the north-east to complete a diving course with my sister.
The following weekend, it will be my fun friend Joyce’s birthday, and we’ll be celebrating it with a whole bunch of her friends in a big villa in the forest.
Looking forward to all the fooood and sunnnn and party time!
But most of all, I’m happiest to be seeing my mama and papa again.

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LilyLipstick |

I love that blazer! The Urban Outfitters shoes look fab too but shame that they hurt your feet, I can never bear to wear shoes again if they give me horrible blisters the first time I wear them. x


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