Red Lips & Leather

The yellow coat is one of my favourites from last season and the leather shorts I picked up during Boxing Day Sales 2010. I had listed the shorts on eBay recently.. but then upon wearing them again I decided I still loved them too much to let them go! Hmm.. this is why my wardrobe never gets any extra space -_-

I was at Westfield to have a complimentary meal offered by Yo Sushi as a result of a terrible experience I had with them previously. The month before, I had made the mistake of eating at Yo Sushi out of desperation (only thing open that was close by).. and wow can bland food ruin your day..! But to be fair, the team at Yo Sushi were helpful and kind enough to listen to my complaint and invite me back to give it another try.

Although I still don’t love the food at Yo Sushi, I did discover a couple of delicious gems available on their specials menu, such as the duck katsu and some sort of mini spicy fried meatballs on a stick (?). I was also impressed by the impeccable service at the restaurant.. everyone was so friendly and smiley the whole time!


Coat, Bag, Boots – Topshop
Top – Monki
Leather shorts – River Island

P9199599 P9199582.jpg

I was trying to be ‘cute’ but I’m not sure it worked.

P9199592.jpg  P9199594.jpg

So I gave up and decided to swing my bag around instead. It was fun! I look like I’m being lifted up by my bag. It’s almost like magic?

My bag wasn’t even zippered up. THE SHEER POWER OF MY SWING KEPT ITS CONTENTS INSIDE. Yeah!


My hair grew so LONG. And floppy. And flat.

But luckily, I’ve just had it cut and re-coloured last night by Ming. I feel a bit like a traitor since I’ve been getting my hair done at Vidal Sassoon for the last 3+ years, but Ming did a super duper fab job and I’m so pleased! I miss my pink hair though…. >.<

I’m off to Portugal for the next five days. As usual, I’ll be posting my colourful holiday pics via Instagram, so follow me if you’re interested to seeee (@smallcrazy) 😉


Winnie |

Ah Portugal! Have fun!! Though I am not doubting for a second that you will have the best time out there. Yo Sushi definitely isn’t the best place for Sushi but sometimes it satisfies my sushi craving despite it being not worth the money for pretty much poor sushi (I could totes make better sushi!) and also it being freaking expensive. Also the good one in Brum is a bit of a walk…so I am just lazy sometimes!!

I love the sweet cute peace sign photo but then you look like a crazy handbag lady in the ones after hahaha! Dont’ mess with Yishyene that’s for sureeeee!

LilyLipstick |

Love the leather shorts and the bright coat. Yo Sushi is always a bit of a disappointment, I love the design of the restaurants but the food is never amazing and its so expensive! x

anto |

What a cute outfit! I absolutely love everything about it, especially the colors. It’s pretty disappointing when you have a bad experience at a restaurant. Trying to avoid that is what keeps me going back to all the same places, which is no fun either though.

Anja |

Hi Yishyene, Would it be possible and ok for me to use one of the pics from this post? I am writing another post about TBU in which I mention you, your style and your travel toys. And I would like some pics to go along with that…


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