A Everyday in Red & Pink

Ciao! A simple post about something I wore this afternoon.. 🙂

It didn’t rain! It (the weather forecast person) said it would but it didn’t.. for that reason alone I was happy.

red and pink

Coat – ASOS // Circle Scarf – American Apparel // Vintage Leggings // Shoes – c/o Valentino

Do you like how I’ve matched my clothes to my shoes?

new haircut

Haircut by Pimps & Pinups

valentino shoes

These will be perfect for riding my skateboard in the summer!

And yes those are marks on my skin from when I was wearing socks earlier.. haha

pink coat again

It’s been so long since I published an outfit post full of.. myself.. that it almost feels strange.

And here’s me without the coat.

yellow jumper

Jumper – Zara

Yellow jumper.. literally..


I realise that I almost never write about my everyday life in London – the more routine stuff that happens between my travels. So let me tell you about today!

But wait, LAST NIGHT! I had the most awesome dream.. magic! I was riding a motorbike at night with my sister cruising down a curved countryside road and then suddenly.. MARS was visible in the sky. A big, browny-orange ball in the sky. Then lots of other planets started appearing. Before long, I could see what seemed like the whole universe and a million stars above.. It was crazy! 

I have the luxury of waking up naturally i.e. without an alarm. I’m normally awake at about 8.30 or 9.00 in the morning. I LOVE sleeping with all the blinds/curtains open, do you?

After a bit of lazing around, I play a happy song (really, what else do I listen to?) on my iPod and I get up to dance. I continue dancing in the shower. Then I lounge around the flat naked.. To me it’s a huge joy to be able to take my leisurely time feeding myself and getting dressed and ready for the day.

This particular Monday I decided I wouldn’t go to the office. I ran some errands in West London. Made a stop back home in Central. Then back on the tube to East London. Traversing the city using public transport can be really tiring! I switched to walking , did some shopping, ate cookie and ice-cream, and eventually ended up back at home.

I’d had a long day so I relax by watching a couple of TED talks, catching up with Lumosity, and eating a whole bag of Jack Link’s Jalapeño beef jerky that I’d got from a friend. I then have a quick nap, die a little doing some chores, and get some work done on my laptop (as my job is flexible I get to work at my own time). On this particular night I haven’t got any social plans (phew!).

I also replaced my bedding with fresh stuff and added a top sheet (do you use one?), because the current love of my life, Ricardo, will be visiting 🙂

Now you must be like, “Yeah I prefer the travel stories..”

Yep, ME TOO!

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