Pizza at Santa Maria

Last weekend, in between the madness of packing up the flat, we took a stroll to quaint-looking cafe nearby that had just opened. So hard to resist a bright and sunny day in London!

That’ll teach me to take it for granted

Santa Maria

I must be the last person on Earth to realise that Santa Maria –> St Mary, somehow just had never put it together hmm


The menu was small – a short list of pizza flavours, insalatas, drinks.. I think that was pretty much it. It’s a really a charming little cafe, I’m so glad we dropped by!


Overheard at this table (above):
Waiter: How is everything? Did you enjoy your food?
Woman: Yeah of course it was good, I finished it didn’t I *rolls eyes*




The pizza was amazing – nearly as amazing as the ones had in Verona
Which will always to me be remembered as one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had the luxury of eating

To end this post here’s a photo of my old room before I packed it up
My wardrobes and shoeboxes are on the left (not captured in photo), in case you’re wondering!


And after


Now, just to put this new place together and I can hopefully show you some photos of it!

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