17 April 2009

Norway Day 1 – Oslo

Let me just mention that the flight the night before was at 7.30pm and we arrived at the airport at 7.05pm. A NEAR DISASTER. Barely scraped through after having to beg so phew! The train stations were really cool, from...

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6 April 2009

London Backyard BBQ

Saturday the four of us did a bbq in the backyard Yeah a backyard – it’s not one of those cute little gardens with lots of green grass and old wooden fencing around it, but it was still nice! I...

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15 March 2009

Okonomiyaki & CandyCakes Cafe

// There’s this application for the iPhone called Twinkle that’s sort of like Twitter (argh) that I installed recently. It lets you send messages and pictures from your phone to this Twinkle thing and people around you can see it,...

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3 January 2009

The House of Viktor & Rolf

Sometime in mid-August Rosanne and I went to the House of Viktor & Rolf exhibition held at the Barbican Gallery. It’s still going on if anyone’s interested! A special event is held every Thursday night as part of the Fashion...

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