OUTFIT – The Beautiful Tree at Regent’s Park

**Warning – This post is full of pictures of ME**I felt a little sad as I selected the photos for this post, because I no longer possess both the jumper and skirt, both of which items I really LOVED. The super sequinned jumper was a vintage lambswool gem that I chanced upon at Spitalfields Market a few months ago, and the neon orange skirt was one of my newer purchases from Topshop. They were both in my luggage when it was stolen in Rotterdam. Gah!!BUT on the bright side, I’m glad I at least managed to get some photos of me wearing them. And not too long ago, too – about 1-2 weeks before they disappeared.

Wore this outfit to Regent’s Park. I brought my sticker-infested ukulele along and wrapped up some PB&J sandwiches (did I tell you I’m addicted). I played two songs there ๐Ÿ˜€

That was after I found THIS TREE.. it’s like the best tree ever. It had loads of branches, and all very climbable (I checked with Google, that is a real word ok). Youย must be able to swim though, cos it’s quite near the water and you may fall in.

the best tree

I wish I could take the tree home and decorate it with balloons, tinsel, lights, stickers, and some baby red pandas.

regents park outfit
sequinned jumper – vintage
denim vest (underneath) – monki
neon orange skirt – topshop
shoes – doc martens
ukulele in the tree

I walked up and down the biggest lowest branch several times. Tried to swing off one of the higher ones and hurt my hands.. *note to self – next time bring GLOVES*

ukulele in the tree 2 colourful hair

This was to show you the colours in my hair and how they actually MATCH my jumper.
But it turned out to be a pic of my face looking DUMB cos it was so sunny and bright, hence I couldn’t open my eyes properly!

ukulele in tree 3.jpgย ย ukulele in tree 4

Sigh.. I miss my clothes.

It’s a real bummer I lost all that stuff, especially all my MAKEUP. But as my mom says, at least *I* wasn’t stolen. I’m still here and healthy and intact. And happy.

I try to take what happened as a reminder to not place too much importance on material items. I am a lucky person! I mean look.. I can see, smell, hear, and taste. I can walk and talk and sing and dance. I can feel the cold of the snow and the heat of the sun. I have food and friends and family. So really, as long as I have my iPhone (kidding!), I’m fully equipped to be the best that I can be.


Winnie |

Oh man, it sucks that you lost your luggage and these lovely clothes (the jumper and skirt are awesome together!) – was it actually stolen or did it get misplaced and lying around in some random airport somewhere? So rubbish – but yes I agree on not putting too much into material goods, they can always be replaced – good motto!! Time for some shopping eh?

yishyene |

It was stolen while it was barely 5m away from me – someone ran into the train and grabbed it.

Time for shopping indeed.. well if only I had the money ;p

Lily Lipstick |

I love these photos! That’s such a shame that your luggage got stolen – the thought of something like that happening makes me feel really upset but you’re right, you’re still smiling and material items can always be replaced. x

yishyene |

Make sure you’re super careful with your luggage wherever you go! I didn’t think that someone would grab a 20kg suitcase.. but this proves that people will really steal ANYTHING!


Anja |

Cute post again, Yishyene. Cool outfit and love your ukelele. Do you know that there is a ukelele-shop in Rotterdam? A very funky place! Have not been there myself, but it’s managed by a friend of a friend. U r right about the detaching attitude; smart thing, since the stuff is and remains lost. Counting ur blessings always helps, at least that’s my experience. But it stays sad and sour for a while, I guess. Quite normal, really…

yishyene |

Oh wow really? Next time I’m there I’ll look for it!

And yes.. I still of course miss some of my things.. but I’ve forgotten about most of them. I think the horrible part is how broke I feel now after spending so much money replacing my necessities, and of course all the FEES I had to pay for my new passport etc.

selina |

Aw man shame about your luggage going missing!! no doubt a major downer but you’re right material items don’t make up your whole life.

allie |

hi cutie! it’s been a while since i’ve stopped by. ;D love the pixie hair cut and the bedazzle top!<3

Eli |

Glad to hear you have a somewhat positive view on a bad situation. It sucks, but what will being forever sad about it do right? I love that photo of you in the tree with a big smile! ๐Ÿ™‚


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