Notting Hill Carnival 2012

I thought I would share some photos from Notting Hill Carnival, which took place last week over the bank holiday weekend. This was my fourth time at the Carnival.. although one time (in 2010) I only just walked AROUND it so maybe that can’t be counted.

I took the Carnival as an opportunity to wear some bright colours.

But.. I guess that sentence doesn’t really mean anything when I wear bright colours on an almost daily basis anyway.

Top – H&M
Cardigan & Skit – Topshop
Shoes – Converse
Headpiece – Somewhere in Bali
Kind of a rubbish pic of me but unfortunately it was the only one available..
Upon closer inspection of this photo, I think I’m just going to give up wearing this style of Converse shoes.
DSC_0165.jpg DSC_0163.jpg DSC_0180.jpgDSC_0170.jpg


DSC_0212.jpg DSC_0161-001.JPG
A fellow pink fanatic.
Andalucian drummers? I’m not entirely sure, sorry!
DSC_0207.jpg DSC_0199.JPG 2012-08-27 16.47.47.JPG

Three different styles of cooking jerk chicken. I LOVE jerk chicken. I had two servings that day.. and also goat curry. I LOVE Caribbean goat curry..

In fact whilst typing this I had a short pause/moment of insanity in which I contemplated running out to find some of that delicious food. But it IS 9.30pm, dark, and cold out so NEVER MIND.

DSC_0178.jpg DSC_0455.jpg 2012-08-028.jpg

Me and my friend Kuha after some of those laughing gas balloons.. I LOVE THOSE THINGS. At least this time, I didn’t end up drooling on my own face.

All photos taken by Ryan; edited by Me.


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Winnie |

Love your photos, that headband is so carnival worthy. Would you believe it that I’ve never had jerk chicken before? I WANT SOME NOW!


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