My First Down Jacket – Kids’ Size!

One night when I was out catching up with Ming, we decided to hit the shops after dinner. Ok this sentence sounds silly because we’ve ‘hit the shops’ just about EVERY TIME we’ve met. When we’re together we can never resist! And at least one of us always ends up buying something – this is likely because we’re always egging each other on.

Anyway, one of my more recent purchases is this children’s (size 12 years.. >.< ) duck down jacket from Uniqlo and I LOVE it! It’s so super soft and warm – and probably the closest I’ll get to realising my long-time dream of wearing my duvet out. The sleeves can also be removed!

I found all the adult down jackets rather dull and unattractive. They only had plain solid colours! And looked huuuge. So when I saw this in the kids’ section, Ming convinced me that I had to have it.

Jacket – Uniqlo
Top – Monki
Leggings – Urban Outfitters
Leopard Necklace – MeandZena
Shoes / White Creepers – TUK (thanks to Spartoo)
Ugh such an awful pic of me..
PA139959.jpg PA139953.jpg

Looks like I’ve got a little something between my legs there.. 😀

PA139963.jpg PA139966.jpg

GOD these shoes make my feet look HUGE..

Sorry for the brief post! I’ve been out enjoying myself toooooo much – life is great! 😉

I’ll be back this weekend with the second instalment from Porto.

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