Mayfield Lavender Farm.. and a Lion

I’ve really been SQUEEZING every last drop out of summer as best I can. I make it a point to spend every possible waking moment outdoors if it’s a sunny day. I do this in a number of ways – leaving work early to lie down at the park (I am fortunate enough to have very flexible working hours), planning lots of picnics, going to my favourite place (Richmond), and finding new places to explore during the weekends.Just today I was walking home and suddenly there appeared a temporary patch of strong sunshine. It was hot! Sadly, I was wearing a jumper and tights since it was chilly in the morning. So I immediately imagined that I could MAGIC myself into a bikini and beach towel, placed right there on the side of the road. Just for FIVE minutes, and then I can revert myself back to normal.

It sounded like such a GREAT idea that I started fantasising of what I could do with a superpower like that (the power to instantly transform oneself into a temporary new situation but in the same spot). I thought of all the ways I could transport myself down the street to my front door. It was SO MUCH FUN! I even scripted a pretend-movie in my mind.

Anyway, at the end of August, I made a trip to Mayfield Lavender Farm after hearing about it from my friend, Jayna. It was the end of the season before they harvest the flowers.

I never even knew there was a lavender farm so close to London. All you do is take a train to West Croydon (you can use Oyster) and take connecting bus 166 which stops right outside the farm, which you simply cannot miss. The bus ride is rather long.. but it’s worth it. Entry to the farm is FREE!


DSC_0361a.jpg DSC_0368a.jpg DSC_0379z.jpg DSC_0355a.jpg DSC_0418a.jpg

Dress – Topshop
Jelly Shoes – Juju

The Stinging Nettle 

Not five minutes after we entered between the rows of lavender bushes, I (thought I) had the best idea. With much excitement, I exclaimed, “Let’s play HIDE N SEEK!!”

I made my friend Ryan count and went off to find the best hiding spot. I jumped over a few rows and stopped behind what I thought was the highest one, then crouched behind it. Still not satisfied, I decided I would LAY DOWN FLAT on the grass next to it, face down. In my short dress.

The moment my legs made contact with the grass, I felt a stinging, sharp pain on my right thigh. Thinking it was probably just an insect or a thorn, I ignored it (hey, I’m a tough girl). Unfazed, I wriggled myself even closer into the bush.

And then suddenly.. my whole right thigh felt like it was ON FIRE. It was a burning, cutting pain that reminded me of when I got stung by jellyfish during a sailing trip in 2010! Remembering that, I jumped to my feet…. just in time to see Ryan turn around to begin looking for me. Argh!!

A few minutes later, there was an explosion of red bumps all over the skin of my leg, cos obviously I had inadvertently rubbed myself into a stinging nettle plant while trying hide well. It was so GROSS and it continued to burn through the next 12 hours. But I think I was more upset that I failed at Hide n Seek.

The Lion 


After having a picnic of KFC – I’m very unglamorous, but I think you know that – I took out my lion costume! I bought this from Kigu Crew last year and I absolutely love it (I’m a Leo). If you don’t know what a kigurumi is, click here.

I’ve worn the lion up to the alps in New Zealand and taken it to a treehouse in a forest. I have to share photos of these adventures soon!


I had SO much fun running and jumping around.. and only took the costume off because it started to get too HOT – there were a lot of high and crazy jumps! I also tried ‘running’ on all fours – lion style – and jumping over a lavender bush row.. err it didn’t really work and I ended up bruising my knee.

DSC_0400a.jpg DSC_0402a.jpg

I entered this photo (above) into a contest run by Animal Costumes Shop (another place you can buy kigus from) on their Facebook page. I won! The prize was an animal costume of my choice.. you’ll be seeing that one one soon 😉

DSC_0414a.jpg DSC_0405a.jpg  DSC_0404a.jpg DSC_0409a.jpg
I did a tumble.
No stinging nettles can get me through my fleecy lion suit! Hah!
DSC_0434a.jpg DSC_0446a.jpg

There is a little shop and cafe at the entrance of the farm.The shop sells a variety of lavender products (you’ll be surprised how many things you can derive from lavender..) and the cafe offers tea and cakes/biscuits.

As you may (or may not) know.. I’m not really a ‘tea and cakes’ person. But I felt that since I was all the way there, I might as well try the lavender tea for £1. It was sort of like drinking a sweet old granny’s floral pillow. I didn’t hate it though.. it was just kind of weird.


I shall end this post with a ‘normal’ photo of myself…. 😉


Catarina |

ahah yeah you would look amazing with my bag!! I’ve never been in Porto but everyone that have been there says that it is amazing! Lisbon is not my favourite place in the world but I think it is so beautiful and have such amazing places to visit. 🙂 I hope you’ll like Portugal!!
love your style…I’m following you too! 🙂 xx

Andrea |

These photos are so cute and funny! Amazing photography and lovely backdrop too. I love the smell of lavender! I always pick some and stick it in my doggy’s collar.


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