London SANTACon 2012!

I’m so excited to share pics from my first ever Santacon! I know.. where have I been all these years?? Well most times I’m away as I try not to spend the Christmas period in London.. But anyway, I’ve now done it and it was some crazy amazing fun!In case you’re not up to speed, Santacon is an annual gathering and parade of A BAZILLION SANTAS (people dressed as Santa or something Christmas-themed) in major cities across the globe. The date was set for 15th December for London (and also in NYC – though I hear it’s a little different there as people aren’t used to drinking so early in the day, haha).


This was my Santa ‘kit’! A sack, hat, wand, various toys and lots of candy to give out to.. civilians on the street.


There were three meeting points (East, South, and Central London) to start with that morning – these were only announced about 24 hours prior and so you gotta keep alert and follow the ‘Santanav’ on Twitter.

The East London troupe began at Shoreditch High Street. The pic above was taken by Jayna, when all the Santas had walked to and descended upon Liverpool Street station.. causing it to.. shut down. -_-
I joined the group at Farringdon (as I was late hehe), and everyone trotted along to St Paul’s.

IMG_9717.jpg IMG_9721.jpg

The whole place was absolutely BUZZING with Christmassy energy! My favourite part was erm.. when I got the opportunity to toss a couple of brussels sprouts into a sea of Santas.. (we’re told not to but everyone was doing it and I simply couldn’t help it *naughty*).

I also met some interesting people!


I looooved this guy’s fur coat. According to him, he has one custom-made by a friend every year for Santacon.

He told me his name was: Bad Ass Santa Pimp Daddy, a.k.a. BASPD.

I followed BASPD around for a bit like a groupie. Later on when I bumped into him again, I noticed he wore a silver chain with a pendant that spelt out ‘I Love Pussy’. Naturally, I pointed it out and laughed.

He ran away and I never saw him again after that.


I contemplated being a Christmas tree when I was deciding on my costume!! But I couldn’t find one that I was convinced would keep me warm. So I opted for.. a Santa Kigurumi (onesie)!

IMG_9723.jpg  IMG_9724.jpg

With Reena (sunnies on) and Flo.

Reena’s sack had a whole load of vodka in it. Haha!!


The Santas proceeded to march across Millennium Bridge…


Roger (her new nickname), Flo, Me, Reena.

IMG_2973.jpg IMG_2966.jpg

We had a bit of a Santa band going on.. me dinging my triangle and Reena + Roger a bit too vigorously shaking the maracas.. at one point we spotted some Mexican Santas (they had the hats), ran towards them and went crazy with the maracas! I wish there was a video of that so I can see how crazy we must’ve looked..

IMG_9733.jpg IMG_9735.jpg

Whilst I applauded Flo’s ambitiousness to go all the way with her Santa costume and purchase an inflatable belly.. I have to say.. I mean. She looked like a deformed alien baby was bursting out of her!! LOL. You gotta hand it to her though.. she wore that thing for a number of hours..


Party Santas and their music! Everyone was loitering outside the Tate, dancing, jumping around, singing, handing out presents. Poor kids. I think every child that walked past was chased down by a few Santas each time because we were all over-eager to give out our candy :p

Tate Modern Takeover


Santa decided to visit the museum.

It was SO MAD!!! All of a sudden the whole concourse was FILLED with red and so much noise – to the bewilderment of tourists and visitors inside.

DSC_0159 copyb.jpg

You know what’s freakin awesome?? Manon, a Belgian girl whom I’ve known through her blog for a couple of years now, took this photo above. She happened to be at the museum and was snapping photos of the sudden influx of Santas. She then went home and was editing pics for her blog when she noticed that *I* was in it!


The guy on the left was hilarious.. he brought an analog telephone receiver and I saw him speaking into it.. goodness knows what nonsense he was spouting but I wish I could’ve heard.


The Tate Modern part was one of my FAVOURITE parts. Everyone squeezed in till the floor was PACKED… and then.. everyone laid down on their backs simultaneously and spontaneously, forming a flat sea of crazy drunk Santas. It was so super funny I just laid there laughing while Roger tried to take a photo (but it ended up too blurry to share).


Teamed up with some strangers to form a Santa pyramid.. !!


Don’t know who the girl is at the bottom.. I think she was trying to have her photo taken with our awesome pyramid -_-


After a whole lot of dancing, blowing whistles, confetti-popping etc, the hoard moved along the Thames.. for some reason my memory of this section is a bit.. blurred. Hmm……


Oh god that Alien stomach was still around at this point..


I love my fleece Santa onesie <3

IMG_9771.jpg IMG_9776.jpg  IMG_9777.jpg

Apparently it’s quite common to catch a drunk/insane Santa climbing all sorts of inanimate objects around London.

We saw this dude and some people on the ground were chanting ‘Jump! Jump! Jump!’, whilst his mates were trying to change everyone’s chants to ‘SAFETY! SAFETY! SAFETY!’ . Aww so sweet!

My blurred memory tells me we crossed another bridge over to Embankment after this.. and I think I had a few dancing sessions with buskers along the way as well. You just couldn’t help it! Everyone was in such a happy bouncy mood.. in fact sometimes I was dancing to absolutely no music at all. Only the music in my MIND.


After making a pee-stop/drink-stop at some bar, we carried on to the most reliable restaurant ever – McDonalds. WE ATE LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW.

Cos we needed the energy.. as the next event on the list was the big meet up at Trafalgar Square! This is when all groups from the three meeting points earlier congregate in one area and go berserk.

IMG_9791.jpg IMG_9800.jpg IMG_9810.jpg

This was a group of sweet, innocent carollers trying to sing a few Christmas tunes at the Square.. until:

HAHA! I’m in there somewhere!!

IMG_9817.jpg IMG_9826.jpg

If you’re a Londoner you’ll know that the Christmas tree erected at Trafalgar Square each year since 1947 is a gift from the city Oslo as a token of thanks for British help during the second world war. It’s rather a tall tree.

So it was much to my amazement when a topless Santa climbed all the way to the TOP and left his hat there! Everyone was cheering him on. The story is that when he got down, the security guards pounced on him immediately, but all the Santas nearby tackled the guards so that Tree Climbing Santa managed to run away ;p


We partied on through Covent Garden, to Leicester Square, to Piccadilly Circus..
Harrassed a few people on the way.. and belly-bumped other Santas when we saw them!

IMG_9845.jpgIMG_9846.jpg IMG_9847.jpg

We were sitting on the steps outside some theatre to rest our feet when I thought of a great game, i.e. Yell Out Random Boys’ Names and See Who Answers. We made a friend called David. See, it’s a good game!

IMG_9856.jpg  IMG_9854.jpg

Wasted Santa became a photo opportunity for some 😉


With a couple of new friends (thanks Jeremy for the photo)!


Some guy made a super cool video of Santacon – found it on YouTube.. wow!

SO that summarises my 12 hours at London Santacon 2012. Yeah, I was at it for about 12 hours! My Santa duties didn’t stop until I had gone INTO my building. When I was walking home from my tube station, I got stopped for photos and people asking for presents. Aww. It was soooo much fun!  😉

If you haven’t participated in Santacon before, you must! Check out for more info.

*special thanks to Jayna for a few of the pics. all photos except jeremy’s taken with the iphone (4/5)*


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Every year I say I’m going to do this, I think next year I will have to for sure. How random that you another blogger you know snap you unknowing, aww happy year year my dear! Love this post, this is what London needs sometimes 🙂

Rajal (aka Roger) |

Awesome blog, cant wait to see you this year! 2012 Santacon was good, lets make this one AWESOME!!!!


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