Covered in Stripes!

It’s been pouring and thunderstorming all afternoon so I’m cooped up in my sister’s room
Sitting at her corner desk with the lamp on
The walls are apple-green on one side and sweet pink on the other
Makes me feel like eating candy!

After this I’m going to have dinner and help my mom put together this really OLD sewing machine
It’s one of those wooden table-top things with drawers by the sides and a step-pedal thing!

+ + + + + + + + +

So here’s another outfit
Wore this to see Up 3D – when I was still in London!
Was a bit iffy about all the stripes at first but they just seemed to GO

Men’s striped jumper French Connection (charity shop buy)
Dress from somewhere in Melbourne
Belt vintage
Tights Topshop
Shoes New Look



Here’s my cat peeping from the window – caught him as I was running back up into the house!


Btw can’t get the Up piano theme out of my head – I love it!
Gonna try to play it by ear later


Kylie |

I just read your last post, and all I can say is YOU GO GIRL! It’s horrible when you have to work, or even be around, people that you can’t stand, and the fact that your job was so unstimulating really didn’t help the situation i’m sure. I wish I was in London right now, I’d give you a big hug! I just wish you the best, and I know you’ll be much happier with whatever you do next!!

Oh, and about this post: SO FREAKING CUTE! The layered stripes work so well here, and I think you’ve pulled off this quite child-like look quite well. Can’t describe it really, but it most definitely work ! 😉



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