Camden Market Strolling

I’ve been trying (with what little time I have to spend at home) to go through the collection of photos I’ve amassed over the last many months and share what I’ve wanted to share but never got around to.

Today, it’s one of my fav outfits (cos it’s so comfy) from the late summer last year.
If digital photos could collect dust, there would be a thick layer on these for sure!

On the afternoon these pics were taken, I had taken a walk to Camden Market.

It was a really HAPPY day because I stumbled into a shop selling lots printed shirts, carpets, and rugs. It was full of colour, but particularly, the music in the shop was just SO HAPPY. I spoke to the owner asking what it was and it turned out to be Kenyan music. Lots of drums and marimbas and upbeat tunes.

Listening to it, my mind was bursting with all sorts of things.. coconuts. beaches. spice bowls. banana trees. dancing barefoot in red earth. hot, hot sunshine. hammocks. hula hoops! Just wanted to DANCE!

Anyway, long story short.. I ended up buying two CDs from the dude and have since been subconsciously planning to throw a tropical rainforest/beach party with the music. One day it will happen!

P7232158a  P7232162a
Top – H&M
Pants – Urban Outfitters
Shoes & Bag – one of those vintage shops near Brick Lane..
Sunnies – Camden Market
Bracelets & Ring – H&M
Watch – Guess?
My best face
P7232150a  P7232149a
Me with Goliath the Sri Lankan mouse
He felt proud that he was at taller than the coffee cup


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