Capture the Colour 2013

This is my entry into the Travelsupermarket Capture the Colour photo contest! The contest is only its second year running, and I’d been tagged by THREE people.. (Lola, Clare, & Anja), so I figured that I must set aside some time to participate.Also.. this challenge was pretty much MADE FOR ME. I ‘capture the colour’… Read more »

OUTFIT – It’s Jumper (and Jacket) Season Again!

This is probably one of the ‘freshest’ posts I’m publishing – i.e. about something that occurred very recently. In fact, only days ago! *pats self on the back*Here’s something I wore over the weekend. I was somewhat missing Portuguese food (post-holiday blues) and so went to look for some in South London (Stockwell/Vauxhall). I’ve had… Read more »

Hyde Park Singin’

I can’t count the number of times I’ve lazed around at a London park this summer.. Thanks to my flexible working hours, I can normally soak up some rays before or after work, by going in late or leaving really early ;)There are two main ‘big’ toys that I like to take along with me… Read more »

Smokey Purple Hair – One Month Evolution

It took me a long time to compile these photos – I’ve been really disorganised with managing the pics taken with my iPhone/’real camera’ so this was QUITE the task.If you follow my Instagram feed, you’ll know that I constantly change my hair colour. Most of the time I have my hair done at the… Read more »