22 May 2011

Shoe Browsing on a Sunday

If you’ve been a long-time reader, you’ll know that I rarely ever write about products that catch my eye online when I’m doing my regular window-shop-browse and prefer to share more personal content. But today, I’m having a relaxing time...

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14 May 2011

Tabio SS ‘11 Launch

On Thursday I stopped by the Tabio store on High Street Kensington for a press eventIt was to showcase their new items and designs from the new spring/summer collection This is supposed to be what I thought was a ‘versatile’/out...

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11 May 2011

A Long-Sleeved Dress

Dress – SevendaysTights – Actually I can’t rememberShoes – Bertie These shoes were a gift from Bertie (thank you) I’ve worn them a bazillion times since, to all sorts of different placesI’ve played football and run through a thunderstorm in...

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7 May 2011

Crazy in Kingston

Here are two photos I love from a day Aysha and I spent by the river in Kingston We’re always taking silly pictures together I can’t wait to print these and stick them in my new room.. wherever that may...

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19 April 2011

our name is fun.

Getting changed one mundane afternoon in the room, I had the Aweditorium app playing songs form my bed – I’m totally addicted to it, and I expect to continue to share all my favourite finds with you! Anyway, lalala, I...

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17 April 2011

Sunstroke Madness in Putney

“Sunstroke Madness” is a term coined by AyshIt happened one day when it was sunny and she had been on a train home after we’d hung out in Kingston earlierSuddenly, a wave of spontaneity hit her and she jumped off...

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