Christmas Colours!

These photos were taken over the weekend as well. Real basic outfit. It was one of those typical low-key do-nothing-much days (normally when the sun isn’t out or when it’s too cold to go to the park). Caught a bus to the high st.. Bought some stuff from Superdrug.. Window-shopped.. And had a delicious lunch… Read more »

Vintage Scarf Outfit

This week was the most shitty week HARDLY any sunshine – the sky has been thick with heavy clouds and it’s been so windy! That meant I hardly got to go out and do stuff No park visits 🙁 And always going about in my unflattering waterproof jacket haha I did get to stop by… Read more »

Valerie Tolosa Dress

// This is gonna be like.. an explosion of pictures of me as it’s me in one of my favouritest dresses ever! I know I always say this and that are my favourite, in fact everything seems to be ‘one of my favourite’. And this one is again a Valerie Tolosa item. Dress Valerie Tolosa… Read more »