19 February 2012

Snow Getaway in Peaslake

OK I’ve taken way too long organising/editing my pics for this post because I keep getting distracted by the music I’m listening to (I get up to sing and dance around my room), but ANYWAY here they are!As mentioned previously,...

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7 February 2012

Happy 2012 and a Photo

It’s insane how time just gets EATEN UP when you’re having fun – I’ve already gone and returned from the six-week holiday I was anticipating during the later parts of 2011! But I still smile when I think of all the...

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5 October 2011

Three Days at Oktoberfest 2011

Two weeks ago, a group of us embarked on a crazy road trip to Munich for Oktoberfest (and then on to Amsterdam). Guess how long it took to drive from London to Munich? Just guess. 17 hours. SEVENTEEN. I nearly...

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17 September 2011

A Million Moments of Closeness

When I first left home some eight years ago, I was excited. I was going to a new place, a new country (Australia), to meet lots of new people, and to learn about and experience a whole different culture. I...

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15 September 2011

Les Trois Moulins, Castelnaudary

This is the first follow-up to my last post On 1 August 2011, I boarded my crappy Ryanair flight – it was the only airline that carried people from London to Carcassonne, unfortunately. Carcassonne Airport was small. One of those...

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