14 March 2012

Camden Market Strolling

I’ve been trying (with what little time I have to spend at home) to go through the collection of photos I’ve amassed over the last many months and share what I’ve wanted to share but never got around to. Today,...

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19 February 2012

Snow Getaway in Peaslake

OK I’ve taken way too long organising/editing my pics for this post because I keep getting distracted by the music I’m listening to (I get up to sing and dance around my room), but ANYWAY here they are!As mentioned previously,...

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7 February 2012

Happy 2012 and a Photo

It’s insane how time just gets EATEN UP when you’re having fun – I’ve already gone and returned from the six-week holiday I was anticipating during the later parts of 2011! But I still smile when I think of all the...

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5 October 2011

Three Days at Oktoberfest 2011

Two weeks ago, a group of us embarked on a crazy road trip to Munich for Oktoberfest (and then on to Amsterdam). Guess how long it took to drive from London to Munich? Just guess. 17 hours. SEVENTEEN. I nearly...

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