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2015 – A Fantastic Year!

Although I haven’t found the time to update this blog much over the year, I felt determined to compile my annual ‘highlights of the year’ post. I was just telling my friend Anna that it’s probably because I felt I could make up for my lack of posting by doing one big summary! The post starts… Read more »

My First Wilderness Festival!

AKA  How to Have Too Much Fun / Embarrass Yourself / Go Crazy at a Festival This is way overdue, but BANG here’s my post about my time at Wilderness Festival 2013, held last August in beautiful Charlbury near the Cotswolds. It was a rather last-moment decision to attend (like many of my big life decisions..)… Read more »

My Happy Colourful 2013

This is a VERY LONG POST – well of course, it’s a whole YEAR painfully compressed into 50 or so photos. Here are some highlights of my 2013.. I hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I had fun reminiscing 😉 If you’re not using your mobile, PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS SONG as… Read more »

Iceland – Seeing The Northern Lights!

I don’t know what’s been holding me back from writing about this VERY MAGICAL experience.. (erm maybe time constraints..) but here it finally is!During the course of our eight-day trip to Iceland last November, we were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights (a.k.a. Aurora Borealis) TWICE. The first sighting happened on the most perfect night… Read more »